Make It: Yarn Christmas Tree

Yarn or fabric wrapped cones Photo from The Farm Chicks ChristmasA couple of weeks ago I posted ideas for a crafternoon I was organizing and one was making fabric or yarn wrapped styrofoam cones. The photo I used is from The Farm Chicks Christmas book. This was an easy project to do with yarn and white school glue and your choice of TV, audiobook or podcast playing in the background. When I got to the bottom, I kept wrapping around until I got mostly to the center and then I stopped. Who is going to pick it up and look at the bottom and actually care?! What you cannot see in the photo is that the yarn has flecks of glitter so it is a dressy tree without adding additional felt embellishments.

That size cones run about $5 and that yarn was $3, but I used a 40% off coupon on the cone and you can see I have plenty left over. I’ve seen others mention finding styrofoam cones and wreaths at dollar stores, but I’ve never had luck at the various Dollar Tree, Dollar General or Family Dollar stores on the east side of Cincinnati.

I thought a turquoise yarn tree would look nice with my pink ceramic light-up tree. My gramma made that in ceramics many years ago, it was always her house until a couple of years ago when she thought she was on her last leg and was giving stuff away so I asked for it knowing I was probably the only grandkid interested. I picked up the hot pink tree to display my ornaments, but it is not very sturdy for big ornaments, which is why some are on the piano bench. The piano bench was given to me by a friend who moved to Seattle a couple of years ago.

udandi's christmas display 2011

I like how my fifty cent Santa (from the 127 sale) is as tall as my new yarn tree and there is a lady in lounge chair ornament sitting next to an old Easy-Bake Oven. The scale is all off on my Christmas display, which makes it all the more quirky to me!

udand's 2011 christmas display

One of my favorite ornaments that surprises people as they’re looking around is Rasta Santa! Behind him you can barely see a snowman, which is actually a sandman with starfish and beach toys for accessories. It’s hard to believe I live in Ohio!

Rasta Santa

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  1. Kelly
    December 10, 2012 at 3:35 am

    An inexpensive way to make your own cones:
    – Buy a poster board
    – Trace a half circle on the board (use 1/2 of a dinner plate)
    – Cut a slice off at an angle (kind of like you’re cutting off a piece of pie from the 1/2 circle)
    – Roll the poster board until you create your own cone
    – Secure with staples or super glue

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