Make It: Ticket Bowl Gift Basket

I got this idea from a MTV special where Todd Oldham (RIP House of Style) helped Cincinnatian* Nick Lachey (assisted by brother, Drew, and bandmate, Justin) turn a room into a home theater for Ditzy. This special aired pre-Newlyweds.

Using a roll of tickets, shape it into a bowl. Cut a circle from cardboard to glue to the bottom, covering the hole. Seal with a mixture of half white glue and water.

Fill with movie-size box candies, microwave popcorn, DVDs, a movie rental gift card, etc.

Create a marquee-styled card from a black border over yellow cardstock. Address it with something cheesy like “To my beautiful/handsome leading lady/man…”

*I always liked that he wore his hometown teams on his show. Some day, I’ll run into him, probably at Skyline. Way back in the day 98 Degress released their first album and (Cincinnati) Channel 12 news interviewed them at Skyline Chili. If you read getcrafty, you know Skyline Chili is one of 3 things I love! It could happen! Let me finish my “homer” love weekend with a request to vote for Drew on Dancing with the Stars!

Back to your regularly scheduled Valentine crafting…

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2 Comment

  1. Michelle Laycock
    February 12, 2006 at 6:02 pm

    Get out of town!

    A bowl out of tickets!!!!

  2. Gift Baskets
    July 11, 2007 at 12:19 pm

    I rather like that idea, it would be good to give to some movie fanatic for sure!

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