Make It: recycled cardboard album

As I walk through the scrapbook stores I see a lot of chipboard products, including blank albums and I think it is silly to spend that kind of money on something that will get covered in paper, embellishments and do-dads.

I have a pile of cardboard that I have collected at jobs from the back of pads of paper or from when we held a photo contest and people sent their photos in sandwiched between cardboard. I used some at Christmas time to cut letters out, cover them in paper and attach to my nephew and nieces (ages 5 and younger) gifts using a gift tags. I figured they could identify the first letter of each name better than trying to read each name since they would probably be the ones passing out gifts.

Having previously used drink, cake and cereal boxes to make CD booklets, I decided to use my recently emptied Cola-Cola carton as the base for an album of what I like to drink and LOVE Cola-Cola! I already had binder clips from a previous project where we made our own notepads from recycled cardboard so I was ready to go! To see the rest of the album, including my favorite drinks, click the photo!

I like the idea behind The Art is Found in that every other Monday a prompt will be posted to use in project using found art. So far they have used packaging, tickets, board books, shopping tags and bags. Cool stuff!

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