Make It: Painted Dr. Scholls Sandals

About 3 or 4 years ago, the painted Dr. Scholls sandals were all the rage to the tune of $165!

Save for the artistic talent, it seemed to me all I needed to do was sand, paint and seal. I was confident that I could use stencils to create polka dots or stripes. My friend, an art teacher, decided to dive into a little more detail work. After seeing her creations (look at those lemons!) I decided not to try this project. As it turned out, she donated a pair to a charity raffle and I won the bandana ones.

Dr. Scholls sandals can retail somewhere around $30, but she picked up some that were clearanced, but I couldn’t tell you how long it took her to complete these since she had to factor in drying time.

And yes, Dr. Scholls sandals are one of the most comfortable pairs of sandals I own!

[Note: Blogger has been wonky this week and either not publishing or eating the photos]

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2 Comment

  1. SMB
    June 9, 2006 at 6:47 am

    Those are great!

    I bought a pair of Dr. Scholl’s “Heaven” sandals a few years ago. They had a soft bottom and a suede (I think) top. They were so comfortable, and I loved them! I was upset to find they’d discontinued them.

    You have the wood-bottom style, I take it? Are they really comfortable? I’ve considered buying a pair, but it’s just hard for me to imagine anything with a hard bottom and no “give” being comfortable.

  2. norththreads
    June 9, 2006 at 5:10 pm

    These are wonderful!

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