Make It: Lunchbag Album

I’ve given one of my projects away so now I can post a photo!

I prefer to open gifts as they are brought in so the gifter can share in my joy and I can immediately thank her (I send thank notes, too). I squirm when guests have to sit in a circle and watch the guest of honor open her gifts. I realize it is done with the good intention that all guests can see the all the gifts, but I think it puts people on the spot for being judged for the gift they give.

Saturday was my friend’s birthday party, I left my gift on the gift table, but after a few hours she did not open any so I took it over to her to open so we could laugh about yesteryear (sigh). It ended up getting passed around and was scutinized by other party guests, which was odd because none would be able to understand the comments or why many of the photos were taken.

I previously made a lunchbag book so this is similar in that I used jumbo lunchbags, paper, ribbon and recycled cardboard for the pullout pages (that go in the pockets that are created when you fold the bags) to create an album, not a story. On the back, I glued the invitation because it was pretty and I would have thrown it out. I used to save favorite invites, but with my new clutter-free life, there is no room!

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  1. Emmy
    January 26, 2007 at 5:49 pm

    What a cute idea!

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