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Make it: Halloween Costumes

After seeing that we spend $450 billion on Christmas (Americans’ 10 Biggest Wastes of Money), I wondered how much we spend on Halloween if there are $400 costumes?! I think the $150 Snowman would be a better option since it could be recycled for another holiday.

As a child, my mom sewed or cobbled together our costumes – no store-bought costumes for us! One of my favorites was going as a can of orange Crush soda, but I also liked when I put on a gray wig, wore my regular glasses and belted a pillow to my backside under a recycled witch dress to make myself into a hunched over old lady – I took third place in the school contest for originality!

I like the idea of making a bat costume from an umbrella. Last year, I gave my friend the idea to go as Jager and Red Bull while I put together a flight attendent outfit from the thrift store. But I really do not enjoy standing around a party as something I am not only to have drunk guys say, girls are only supposed to dress as naughty [insert costume idea]. Right, like the naughty librarian? Seriously, 60 bucks for that? But it does have a name tag [naughty librarian] in case one thinks you’re a naughty office manager.

I’ll stick to making halloween food like the Cannibal-themed Halloween supper or Meathead or Thorax Cake might interest you! I am totally grossed out by ljc’s witch finger cookies!

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  • Tiredbuthappy October 13, 2006, 12:02 pm

    OMG, that naughty librarian costume is too much.

    I will be escorting a small tiger on Halloween. Maybe I’ll get out my cat-ears headband and pin a sock stuffed with cotton to my butt. Mama Cat and her kitten.

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