Make It: A drawstring waist skirt

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This is my first skirt and first project on my new sewing machine. I followed the pattern from Sew What! Skirts for a drawstring waist skirt. What I am most impressed with is that I made my own matching drawstring!

I started this pattern how many months ago, 2 or 3?! At the time I drew the pattern I did not want to skimp on measurements, where it said 2 to 4 inches for ease through the hips, I went with 4 because I did not trust this was not totally a pattern for stick figures.

As it turns out, I’ve also lost a few inches (I am trying to walk away from my a** but it keeps following me haha) so what I have is a skirt that provides plenty of ease through the hips (ease which is needed because even though it is an a-line skirt, it is a drawstring skirt that needs to be pulled on over my hips/butt) and really needs to be cinched at the waist. Not the worst predicament to have, but not the best fit either. I figure this will most likely be a beach/pool cover up skirt.

I plan to tweak my pattern and try it again with some black faux linen fabric and maybe use non-binding (or is non-rolling?) elastic with a drawstring waist.

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  1. Emmy
    September 11, 2007 at 5:52 pm

    Great job with your first project on your new sewing machine!!! The skirt looks beautiful.

    Definitely shoot me an email if you’re going to be in Chicagoland 🙂 vegandivablog AT yahoo DOT com

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