Make It: DIY clear stamp binder

DIY clear stamp binder
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Before I left my job for grad school, my coworker gave me her old Day Timer planner thinking I would find it useful for keeping myself organized for school and work. It was too bulky to work for me, but I held on to it. After seeing the Making Memories clear stamp binder, but not being able to find it in a store, I decided to make my own from the Day Timer!

The photo might be hard to follow because there is so much clear going on, but there are more photos at flickr. The Day Timer planner had four color folders (visit flickr to see those) and a clear zipper pouch (on the left side with the alphabet and smaller sets). A Making Memories set came with a clear sleeve meant for their binder (I had to punch additional holes in it to make it work with this binder) and stuck it in. I thought I had a clear sleeve/sheet protector, but it is currently MIA. Instead, I punched holes in the plastic that the other sets came in so they would be sleeved. It is not heavy duty plastic, but I do not plan of rifling through these like a madwoman, I’m just not that kind of crafter 🙂

All that and it zips close so it can go on my shelf next to my Craftmates (see photo of my craft room)! I love being organized, plus, when my sister calls and asks if I want to come over, I can grab my loot and go!

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  1. Emmy
    September 8, 2008 at 8:20 pm

    What a great use for a binder/day planner!

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