Make It: Chocolate Chip cookies

It is that time of year when it is cold and blah and there is little to jazz me up. But today I was wearing my hand-crafted, bejeweled and well-loved “Let’s Get Flyered Up” tee under my sweater at work and looking forward to the University of Dayton Flyers taking on their A-10 rivals, XU.

Not having cable, I had to hit up Cuz to watch it at his house, which means I have to take along the bevos and snacks! As one who likes to have a little sweet with my salty, I cranked up the mixer and made homemade chocolate chip cookies. When I said homemade, he said as in home sliced?! ha! I only made one sheet and then stored the rest in a container to serve up at a later date (because a few can be easily baked in the toaster oven). If you click through to my Flickr account, you can see my cookie scoop, which is another kitchen gadget I love behind my toaster oven and mixer!

The cookies and Kroger’s Private Selection frozen pizza were a hit, but the same cannot be said about the Flyers.

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  1. Maggie
    January 25, 2008 at 8:14 am

    Oh Yes, Poor Flyers. I was sitting in bed last night, flipping channels and asked where was the game? It must have been on the digital section of the cable.

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