Make It: CD Case

I do not think I will ever tire of making CD cases for mixed CDs. My super-stamping sister taught me how to do a pop-up case (where you pulled the ribbon and out pops the gift) for hot cocoa packs, but I decided to use this method for a CD case.

I was excited to give this CD as a thanks to my coworkers, but it was a total flop. They un-tied the ribbon instead of just pulling it up. I guess next time I’ll include how to open instructions.

My battery is dying on my laptop and I forgot the power cord so I’ll post instructions when I can power up again!

I looked on Splitcoaststampers to see if there are visual instructions on how to make this, but I couldn’t find them. For the one in this photo, I had a piece of 11×5″ kraft paper that I scored and folded in two places so it would be 5 inches wide, then afixed at the seam so it made a sleeve. The inside piece was 5×5″ and I slid it inside the kraft sleeve and punched a hole at the top. Next, pull out the inside piece out and rotate it 180 degrees and line up those punch holes, thread a 15″ ribbon. Make an envelope on the inside sheet, drop in the CD, drop it in and tie the ribbon.

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  1. Affable Money
    July 24, 2006 at 9:32 am

    This is a great idea (relevant on user handling of course), homemade cd cases. My step-mom is crazy crafty with the stamps (she does Stampin-Up on the side) so I have access to the tools and supplies. I’ll have to ask her about different designs. I love making mixed c/ds and hate the usual carrier. Thanks!

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