Make It: An Advent Calendar

This week I remembered that I saw advent calendars made on cookie sheets, but I could not remember where and apparently I did not bookmark the site (d’oh). In searching, I found this example 2006, her 2007 verison, this one on flickr and another on flickr.

I wanted to challenge myself to make my own without purchasing any new supplies! Besides, the cookie sheets at Big Lots were 4 bucks, the ones at the dollar stores seemed too small for the size of the trinkets I planned to use and I have some sheet metal memo boards [example: millie’s memos] left from the udandi shop that would be the perfect canvas!

I have not completed all the trinkets, but so far I have pulled out Scrabble tiles, dominoes, buttons, bottle caps, mini wooden blocks, wooden tags and paper tags to use. I am having so much fun, I think I might make two more one for each little buddies’ house (for use during next season, obvs). I found two little Christmas tins in my collection-o-crap stash that I can put all the trinkets in (since I am not using a cookie sheet and cannot stash them on the back side). I might spring for some new, smaller rub-on numbers for their calendars.

I think most of the appeal comes from the trinkets for the numbers, but if that is too much to do or you think it could look too junky for your holiday decor, marble magnets on various sheets of scrapbook paper would be just as colorful!

Also, I like that Teresa McFayden suggests these would be fun to create as a group with each person making a batch certain numbers to swap with the others. I’ll have to see if I remember this about Halloween 2008….

I’ll post a photo when I complete mine. If you make one and post a photo, let me know!

P.S. Don’t forget the giveaway!

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