I’m beyond thrilled to see the badges on your sites, appear in your blogrolls and the kind words you have said about this site so much so I wanted to share with others. This by no means takes away from the comments you leave on this site, I LOVE connecting with people through comments, Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re on Instagram and want to share your lunch, please tag it with #LunchItPunchIt and it will appear in the right sidebar of this site.

With new years resolutions of healthy eating or dieting in January and back to school in August, those are big months for people to talk about lunch packing. Fellow bloggers, I write this blog because I enjoy sharing. If you find something you like (an idea, one photo or snippet of content) and would like to share on your site, please link back to my site with credit. Thank you.

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We’re smart librarians with the potential to make it in an ALA publication, but who knew it would be about lunch packing?!

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