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Lunch It Punch It

It all started with that piece of paper…

My coworker, Lin, issued a challenge that we pack our lunch 10 times before we eat out. I love a good challenge so I accepted! Our coworker, FM, returned from maternity leave and joined in the challenge. Each day we packed, we initialed a box and dated it. When we had ten boxes, earned a box at the bottom. When we used one of those eat out days, we initialed and dated that as well.

That sheet says grand prize in the right-most corner box and I cannot remember what it was, but knowing us, it probably was burger, fries and cokes!

Many of our work conversations revolved around food, what did you have for dinner last night? What did you pack for lunch? What are making for dinner tonight? Find any recipes lately? All that conversation inspired us, kept us accountable and still allowed us to share the wonderful experience of food although in a different manner. We were inspired to start this website to help others like us who might want to pack a lunch to save money or eat healthy!

We ditched the giant paper sheet and developed a business-size card so that we, along with our readers, can punch each time we pack a lunch. The 11th mark on the card is for when we eat out.

If you’re just getting started, visit Packed Lunch Ideas that Work to get started.


Photo by Angie Keiser of 2 Sisters & a Blog

I’m Andi or udandi because I am a University of Dayton alum. I live in Cincinnati and pack my lunch daily in a red insulated bag decorated with vegetables aka Red Veggie Bag. I work full-time and write this blog and udandi.. [read more]

I love to connect with reader through comments, Facebook and Twitter or if you want to email, please send it to LunchItPunchIt@gmail.com

In June 2011, FM and Lin stepped down from writing for Lunch It Punch It to pursue other goals.

I’m FM, a librarian, a new mama, and a wanna be gardener whose vegetables always look best this time of year…[read more]

Lin is pretty cool, too, she likes paper dolls, Mary Tyler Moore, Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, and cold Cokes on ice… [read more]

The early days of the Lunch It Punch It trio

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