Printables: Lunch Box Notes

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’d like to take a trip down memory lane and recall the hand-written notes my mom included in my packed lunch. It wasn’t an every day occurrence and that’s what made them special. They were either written on a napkin or slip of paper and said have a nice day, good luck on your test or a reminder to keep my chin up. I adored getting those notes.

At times my mom worked second shift and left notes and/or treats on the kitchen counter for us to find after school. A friend came over after school and said, I really like that your mom leaves you notes even if it is a reminder to do chores.

If I had been a pack rat, I could have compiled those notes into a blog or a book. Maybe your loved one will?! Create lunch box notes by downloading Twig & Thistle’s template or if you’re a scrapbooker with a 2″ circle punch you might like Alphamom’s fruit label download.


Twig & Thistle lunch bag note printable

Twig & Thistle lunch bag note printable

Happy Mother’s Day!

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