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Love it: Super Strong Magnet Hook

Super Strong Magnet Hook
Originally uploaded by udandi.

I was doing so well on my non-buying effort because I did not have anything to get rid of, but I am a sucker for all things magnetic and useful and Target end-cap clearance items.

My current dwelling has metal doors so I thought these hooks could come in handy, but I decided to just get one for myself, 1 for mom and 2 to put in the gift box and keep hand to give as part of gifts.

These hooks can hold up to 7 pounds. I’ve yet to put my water bottle in the lunch bag while it is hanging on the fridge to test this claim, but I believe it since it is hard to pull the magnet off the surface!

My Target’s end caps also had the stripes and squares of metal and super strong magnets, but you might miss them because they were stuck to each other!

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