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Link Dump

The following are link clips I’ve been saving in bloglines for the last couple of weeks so hopefully it is something to entertain you for 5 minutes this Monday morning…

*Love, Elsie* – a new line of scrapbooking supplies that are not targeted to soccer moms

FlyingBeds.com – Modern Murphy beds

Duct Tape Baby Bjorn – everything is better with duct tape!

Living Small in London – check out the cost of this place!

Drink Umbrella Light just for fun

Aunt Sarah Dolls – Cute for creating dolls of a relative the kids do not see that often (and I love the sleeping bag for the doll!)

Cereal on the Go – more organization stuff at dormbuys

Vintage cookbook I like the library borrower’s card still in the book!

Planet M M&M character another time waster

Ode to Richard Scarry (tattoo)

99 Luftballons – a fun stuffie (I have a cupcake made by her from long ago)

Drugstore Doubles – Her book is frequently re-shelved at our library

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