Link Dump: Crafts

I woke up an hour early today thinking that I was getting up late because may have forgotten to set my alarm, but I was all wrong so it is a good time for a link dump!

From What Not to Crochet:
Check out this kid’s smile
When Crochet Attacks
Another kid with a priceless look
She looks like Sharon Stone from long ago
All wrong dress

This weekend I need to get my Valentine’s Day cards together since I did not make any during Super Snacking Sunday since I attended my nephew’s baptism.

Valentine Tins

Moo Valentine’s Craft project

Twinkie Chan’s Valentine’s Crochet scarf (and a photo of her Pop Tart scarf)

Vintage Valentine’s Day cards

Victorian Valentine’s Collection

More links:

An interview with Jenny Hart
I went to the first Renegade Fair in Chicago and saw Jenny’s booth, but I was too shy to walk up and introduce myself. She was one of the first people I knew (from online craft boards) who had a craft business online 2001 when I started mine.


Credit Card Pendant – when you cut up those cards, make this!

Coffee Cup Ring

Felted Guitar Necklace

Floppy Disk Lapel Pin

Reversible Neck Warmer Tie Scarf

Crochet Owl Mask

Kids Sweater Apron


You Rock, You Rule t-shirt

Refashioned T-shirt Jumper


Sewing Comic book

Vintage Shirt Patch Quilt

Linen Checker Board

Fabric Storage Baskets


Recipe Storage Round-up

Hanging Storage Bags – when I saw this photo I thought it looked familiar and then realized it was just in their newest book

Decoupaged Storage Cart


Cool Wall Mural – inspired by Estuko Furuya fabric

TV to Bar Makeover – I think this pretty cool and yet no one has commented on it, not that I have, either


Double Fudge Cupcakes


The Art Of Moneygami – Origami With Bills

Twisted Balloon Couture

Best of Craftster 2007

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