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LIFT Session Online Fitness Training

Have you ever said, I would workout if:
A. I didn’t have to drive to a gym or studio
B. I didn’t embarrass myself in group fitness classes
C. I didn’t stop the DVD when the going gets tough
D. a personal trainer came to my house

You will really have to stretch to find an excuse as to why opening an app on your iPad in the comfort of your house (or hotel) will keep you from working out. Never did I think I could be in my living room in Cincinnati and receive coaching from a personal trainer in Montreal, but LIFT Session online fitness training is the future of fitness! It is live-streaming personal training.

It pays to be curious, because David Sciacca contacted me offering a free session after I inquired about his workout with The Fit Crasher.

Through email he provided instructions to set up my account, schedule a time, and share my fitness goals so he could create a personalized workout. He even took the the time to read some of my posts because he recognized I have tight hip flexors.

Get Ready

You’ll need about 8×8 feet of space and your iPad will be upright on the floor so your trainer can see your whole body throughout the workout for coaching and correction. If you have the HDMI adapter for your iPad and TV, you can watch yourself on a bigger screen.

When it is time for your appointment the app will signal for you to accept your session, your happy trainer will appear as if you’re on Skype or FaceTime. We had a quick introduction, he gave an overview of my workout, what I would see on my screen, and we got started!

Lift Session |

My Workout

My workout was all body weight – it was challenging and fast, which kept my heart rate up (no, I didn’t wear my heart rate monitor). David reminded me that at any point if I needed to scale the workout, he could do that. For instance, I’m not solid on side planks so all I had to say was ‘down’ for David to stop the clock and then ‘up’ to continue the time. No cheating like a DVD when it takes more time to find the remote to pause so you just skip that part 😉

While David was present the whole time in a box on the screen, he could switch the client screen to one that showed a model completing the exercise showing proper body alignment and David was talking as the video played letting me know what my body needed to complete the same move. This would be especially helpful for those who tell me they don’t like group fitness because they don’t know the names of exercises and/or how to do them.

I’m not much for talking while working out (mostly because I’m eating dust), but David gave me reminders to breathe and encouraged to keep me going, which was especially helpful when it felt like I was losing steam. At the end, I got this nice little page of completion showing what I did and how I did.

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If you’re interested in FREE workout out with LIFT Session and getting your own post-workout-thumbs-up photo, get in ytouch with David, he is on Twitter @davidsciacca and Instagram davidsciacca or email me to pass on your info.

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