Lean Cuisine Annual Lunch Bag Promotion

20120105-094252.jpgDid you know that after back to school season, the beginning of the year is a big time for lunch bag sales?

Every year for as long as I’ve clipped coupons, I have see this lunch bag promotion from Lean Cuisine.

I think last year I mentioned it was a pretty pricey bag IF you are not an LC consumer since it requires the codes from 25 products and if you figure they run about $2 each. You can get one free from their Facebook page.

IF you already buy Lean Cuisine and can remember to log your codes, this is prefect for you!

I will say these bags are pretty for the lady who wants a little style in her lunch tote. Or if you have a teen girl who wants to pack a lunch or pack food for between school and after school activities, I think this looks nice and not childish.

My hope is that as more people proclaim themselves lunch packers, better-looking adult friendly lunch totes will be made!

If you save your codes and get one, I’d love to see a photo.

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  2. Francene Williams
    October 7, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    I purchased my first and only bag I 2009. I think it was the first promotion. Now you have to buy the Lean Cuisine dinners to get a bag. I don’t want to bid I just want to purchase a bag for the cause. I love my bag and need to buy another one. It is worn out. I use it everyday. I cant find no other bag like it. I am a breast cancer survivor 4 years. I thank God everyday. So can’t I just purchase a bag. I am not signed up for paypal. I usually purchase with my credit card. I guess that’s all.

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