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Keep Cincinnati Library Strong

October 1 marked the beginning of early voting. Registered voters in Hamilton County have the opportunity to support the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton’s levy renewal. It will not increase taxes. It is for 10 years.


In the interest of full disclosure, I am a librarian, but I don’t work at PLCH. I didn’t work there when I supported their first levy. I didn’t work there when I rallied to Save Ohio Libraries. But am a property owner in Hamilton County, I support great libraries and even if I wasn’t a librarian, I would still use the library.

If this levy does not pass, it will wipe out one-third of the budget. When a group of bloggers had the opportunity to speak to Kim Fender, Director of PLCH, we learned that cutting $17 million from the budget means reduction in materials, programs, staff, and branches.

Right now, the news is recommending the library as a resource for those without computer access seeking information on the Affordable Care Act. Can you think of another public place that offers computers and Internet access to any and everyone?

For a long time, I was a blogger without home internet. What?! I was saving for my house down payment and cut all expenses to the bone. When I’m looking for an audiobook to accompany me on a roadtrip, I go to the library. When I was looking for the River Phoenix movie, Dogfight, I found it at the library. VHS, baby! Oh sure, I could buy a used DVD on Amazon for $30 or stream it for $6, but I still have a VCR. I love having access to fitness books, videos, and magazines on my mobile device.

I want the library to be available for the generations before me, after and beyond. I hope others will keep our library strong, because they keep communities strong.

For more information, visit the Vote for Cincy Library website. You can also order a yard sign

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