July 10 Week Wrap Up

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Dress up your brown lunch bag with The Clutch Clip

25 healthy lunch recipes to fuel your afternoon- I found the article’s title a little misleading or I don’t know how to work their website, but there are at least 7 recipes here, including a pizza rollup that’s my style because I rarely get pizza since a single girl doesn’t need a whole pizza.

Healthy Adult Brown Bag Lunches that Make the Grade – – some of this is the same stuff you’d expect or have read before but others might trigger something you haven’t tried in a while or forgot was possible. I can confirm to not needing a fridge at work if you have an insulated bag and ice pack. I’m going to remember tortellini with pesto makes a good cold lunch the next day. Also, frozen meals like Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, and Weight Watchers are fine as long as you read the label and watch the sodium, but since they’re too low in calories plan to pair with a piece of fruit or yogurt.

15 Fresh Brown Bag Lunch Ideas – an article for parents packing kids summer lunches, but works well for adults to remember these four elements: Include more whole foods and less processed foods, be creative, keep it cold, keep it fun

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