Introducing Lunch It, Punch It


I am pleased as punch to announce my new blog project Lunch It, Punch It, which I am co-authoring with work friends. My introductory post opens the site.

If you read my post Loyalty Card for Nutrition you’ve got an idea about this site. In short, we pack ten lunches AND THEN we get to eat out. We either have financial or nutritional goals we would like to meet.

The site will have posts about lunches, recipes, tips for packing, products to enjoy a great packed lunch and celebrate all who pack their lunch, no matter how mundane it seems. In order to play along at the office (or at home) we have created the official Lunch It, Punch It card (tiny version seen above) so visit the site, download, print the card and start packing toward your goal. Oh and don’t forgot to tell a friend or three ๐Ÿ™‚

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