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Influenster Spring Vox Box 2013

influenster spring vox box 2013 udandi.com

Above is my Influenster Spring Vox Box 2013, which was sent to me because I signed up for the site, filled out a profile, answered questions, filled out reviews and surveys and in return they will send me products to try. Then, I share about the products on social media.

As for the box, it is:
Broadway imPRESS press-on nails –
Schwarzkopf USA Osis+ Gelastic
Secret Outlast Clear deodorant
NYC Applelicious Glossy lip balm
Tasty Kake Kandy Bar

The product I liked the most was the Schwarzkopf USA Osis+ Gelastic, it is meant for curly hair but I found it tame my flyaway straight hair. I used the enclosed $5 off coupon to purchase the Dust-It product from the same line because I saw it was sent to other Influenster users.

Since the Broadway imPRESS nails were in a swirly wild color and I keep my nails short and neat, I gave them to my niece who enjoyed going through each size picking just the right one for her fingers. Now, I have a gift idea for her.

I’m a big fan of unscented products so the deodorant and lip balm bugged me after a while.

My Tasty Kake appeared to be been rolled by the bottle of Geltastic and then sat in a box on my porch in hot weather so by the time I opened it, it was messy. Plus, it was 260 calories so I felt like even to try part of one would be blowing my daily calories on something I wasn’t sure about. I didn’t grow up on the east coast so I have no ties to this product.

If you want in on Influenster, email me because I think I still have a few invites left. I’m not going to lie, do you do have to give up some information to get products sent to you. This isn’t like Klout where they tap you for perks based solely their metrics of your social media activity.

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