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Inexpensive Workouts

First Happy Women’s Health and Fitness Day! I hope you’ve done something to celebrate.

I’m investing myself now rather than (hopefully) paying health care costs down the road. While I like to go to the gym, do workout DVDs and will most likely join a friend who invites me to check out her fitness facility or class, I know others aren’t ready to sign up for a gym membership.

Check out the smaller boutique gyms or yoga studios in your area to see if they offer inexpensive first-timer classes or drop-in class pricing. You will probably have to sign a waiver, but that is different than a contract.

If you like Groupon or Living Social, keep an eye out for inexpensive opportunities. If you don’t like getting their emails or checking the site daily (I want to avoid the food offers) tell your friends you’re looking and maybe they can keep you in the loop.

Here’s what I have found for my Cincinnati friends. I cannot guarantee this information is accurate, so please call and ask questions to verify prices and offers. If you know of places to check out or any tips, please leave a comment.

My friends go to Revolution Fitness for spinning and fitness classes and really like it. While looking at the website one day, I noticed they offer a 5-day trial. Then, a girl I refer to as Trainer Kelly mentioned I should check this place out because I like spinning so it’s on my list.

I’ve never been to this boutique gym, but I’m fan on Facebook and $5 to try 5 of their classes is reasonable. Before buying I would suggest looking at the schedule on their website and then calling to ask what classes/times are or are not eligible. Just to be sure you’re covering your bases.

Their FB page seems to be offering some free meetups at area parks for running so if that interests you, check them out.

This thread on Yelp asking for free or cheap yoga classes is from January 2012, but it might give you an idea of places to call to see if they run periodic specials, deals, newcomer open houses (whatever a place might do to attract new clients).

Bella Forza offers drop-in class pricing starting at $6 for Zumba and a little more for TRX, bootcamp, and other classes. Again, you might call to get the low down on how crowded or what time to show up to get a spot.

I don’t know anyone who has attended Cincinnati Adventure Bootcamp for Women, but looking at their schedule they sold out their previous sessions around town and they have pretty neat testimonials. They offer a trial if you sign up through their site.

This past weekend my friend invited me to a free bootcamp with FitChixx. When it comes to bootcamps, I’m hesitant because you never know what is really involved so free is the way to go. Plans had me elsewhere, but I spied my friend planking like an ace in the photos!

Bonus Advice:
If you think you want to join a big, chain gym but have heard horror stories, my advice is don’t give your banking info until you’ve read the front and back of any papers/contract. Ask questions (enrollment fee, equipment fee, etc). If you love to negotiate, here’s your opportunity to strike a deal. See what offers they have if you pay X months upfront. I know of two people who were able to cut their gym costs by doing this.

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