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Inauguration Day!

How will you be commemorating the day?

I am wearing my red, white and blue flag socks and will be at the library where the inauguration will be shown on the meeting room’s big screen TV for the public to watch. I might partake in a red or blue frosted cupcake, too!

Dazzles, my coworker wrote her Representative after the election asking for tickets to the swearing-in ceremony. She was put on a waiting list and then got a call they had tickets for her so the past weekend her husband and her set off for D.C.! She uploaded a shot of her ticket to Facebook and has been posting various updates of their travels.

A college friend let his circle know via Facebook that one of the co-founders of the Arcola Illinois Lawn Rangers is the father of a guy who went to University of Dayton with us. The Lawn Rangers will be rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue with a giant poster of Barrack Obama hoisting a plunger from the 2003 Chicago St. Patrick’s Day parade. [ABC video: Cut-ups in the parade]

Craftster and One Pretty Thing round up Inauguration-themed foods, crafts and projects, including ball gowns (at Craftster)!

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