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In My Gym Bag

I know people either love or hate Vera Bradley bags. I happen to love my ;arge duffel bag because it is completely machine washable. While visiting a friend in Baltimore, a lady of the evening said, “I like your diaper bag!” I don’t think she knew what else to call it because it is black with tiny pink paisley and elephants on it.

When I needed a bag bigger than my backpack for the gym, I bought the small duffel bag (sunset safari is still discounted). I knew I wanted something with a big opening so I could see everything inside without having to pull out each item to get to what I needed. Also, I wanted to be able to wash the whole bag since I would be using it frequently and setting it down on various surfaces.

Inside my gym bag I always keep one of my Target zipper bags filled with bobby pins clipping hair elastics to grippy headbands, an old school iPod shuffle, ear buds, lip balm, and mascara (in case I forget to pack my makeup bag). I use a white contact case to store earrings on one side and medications and vitamins in the other.

I have a Spibelt, which is a small and stretchy fanny pack to hold ID, phone and keys when I do an outside workout.

The green sneaker balls go in my shoes after a workout.

Other items, such as toiletries and makeup, are added to the bag as added.

Last week, I mentioned I use the workout clothes basket to stay organized and these are the items I keep in my gym bag.

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