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I was a Boomerang Kid

I’m not a fan of lables, but my siblings and I were “boomerang kids.”


We all went away to college and upon graduation, our parents invited us to move back home and we took them up on their offer. We picked up after ourselves, made family meals, did grocery shopping, helped around the house, paid rent and our own bills and saved up to move on to the next stage of our lives. Life was similiar to what it had been prior to going to college, because we were not coddled before or after college.

I think it is great that some parents are able and want to help their children with whatever means they choose. Receiving a car, European vacation, money for groceries, bills or rent, a downpayment on a house, money for a wedding or free childcare while you work do not seem to carry the same stigma as living your parents, but all are forms of parental support. Somewhere along the way my peers defined the types of parental help that are acceptable and living with parents ranked low.

From all I’ve gathered, people would hold higher regard for me if I sunk into debt, just as long as I don’t live with (gasp!) my parents. Or that I could live in my own apartment and ask my parents for help in paying my rent and bills, because no one would have to know I need help because after all I’m in my own place – I’m independent!

My siblings and I may not be representative of all the “boomerang kids,” but I don’t think you can paint all “boomerang kids” with a broad brush of being lazy, immature, irresponsible, living rent-free on easy street, presumed to be spending all their income on “toys” and derailing their parents’ financial future. For every extreme there’s an opposite!


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  • Nick May 16, 2006, 4:43 am

    It seems like you’re the atypical boomerang kid. You can note that I spelled out a couple of specific examples in my post on Abandon Nest, and it seems like you don’t fit neatly in the category.

    Moving out, I’ve gotten 0 support from my parents. I would never go back home to live with them now that I’m out on my own because of the freedom I enjoy. Your situation may have been different, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

  • udandi May 16, 2006, 11:48 am

    I think you may have missed my point of not liking labels or sweeping generalizations.

    I cannot say with any authority that the examples you provide (and I did read your post before writing mine) are the norm for boomerang kids, making my siblings and I atypical or vice versa.