I am going to BlogHer…

suitcaseand in my suitcase I have (over) packed:
3 dresses
3 skirts
4 tops
a cardigan
a belt
flip flops & sandals
toiletry bag (not shown but space is preserved)
makeup bag (bulleyes bag)
a netbook, adapter, mouse and phone charger (polka dot bag)

The bag to the left is my commuting conference bag:
snacks (for the car ride)
reusable water bottle
camera & charger

I want to be prepared since my lodging sponsor (ha!) is my college roommate and I will be taking the train in each day so I will not have the benefit of zipping up to my hotel room for an outfit change.

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  1. Deana
    July 23, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    Well, your outfits sound cute! Have FUN! 🙂

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