How To: De-clutter through Craigslist, Part II

Getting Serious Buyers

All my listings noted that I was looking for serious buyers for cash and carry, this was important for me to note. With all the information and photos I provided, the buyers had a pretty good idea of what they would get at pick-up. Most of the emails I got were from people asking to come out and buy an item, which is what I wanted to hear, but I did not simply reply with directions, stating come whenever you willy-nilly feel like it. I wanted to confirm their seriousness and weed out looky-lous who like to window shop. My first reply to them consisted of:

1) Requesting they provide me with an approximate time within my designated timeframe (in this case, Saturday morning) that they were ready to come buy (yes BUY, not by) because I would have the item ready for them to put in their truck

2) If the case, I let each person know there were others interested and I would sell to the first buyer to show up ready to pay cash and haul it

Closing the Deal

They had all the information they needed to say the were committed to come out with cash and get the item, without having to worry about climbing up and down stairs to move it. Also, if they waited too long, they might miss out. If they replied back still interested (and a few did not), I sent directions along with my cell phone number and a request to call if they were going to cancel. Also, I stated that it was $X for Yproduct, cash only.

I wanted to know I had a sale. Also, it provided me with time to dust off the item and on the driveway, ready to be hauled away. This turned out to be a great decision since most people backed down the driveway, rang the doorbell and handed over the money saying they saw it was ready to be bought! While this process avoided having to let strangers into the house, I did offer to go out and help lift the item(s).

Dancing to the Bank

After I completed my celebratory song and dance, I hopped on the computer to delete the item’s listing at Craigslist and my web site in order to prevent people from emailing on items not available.

Last week, I asked for good thoughts to be sent our way so that we could sell this furniture and either that worked or because I added a little effort to make my Craigslist endeavor worthwhile to both the buyers and myself. Almost all the big stuff sold on Saturday and a few others were picked up within 5 days. Only a couple items remain, which I will probably re-list, maybe with lower prices and hope that my timing is right, but overall I am thrilled my parents have less furniture to pay to move!

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