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How To: Aussie Apple

Ever heard of an Aussie Apple? It is the way in which you cut the apple four times and then secure with a rubber band to keep it fresh, but easy to eat.

When I eat an apple, I want to eat every last bit, so I use an apple corer and put the slices in a container, but I’m not a picky kid and don’t mind if there’s a little browning. One day, I cored my apple, tossed the core and used a rubber band – some browning. I wonder if I would have left the core in, would it reduce the browning? I never tried because really it doesn’t matter to me.

If you’re kid is particular about her apples, try this trick of putting the apple back together and putting on a rubber band. It may not be end-all of brown apple slices but it might be a better solution than no apple eating. If you try the Aussie Apple cut, let me know.

Source and photo credit: Another Lunch

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  • Stacey September 6, 2011, 10:27 am

    Never heard of this before but it’s a great idea. Will be trying this out soon!

  • Chinnchinn June 10, 2012, 8:17 am

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