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Here’s the Deal

For the people who have questioned the direction of this blog…I’ve had this blog since January of 2006 (I’ve owned this URL since 2000). It is hard to maintain fresh content on only a few topics.

My unscientific research of posts shows that people are more responsive to the idea of burning more calories than consumed versus spending less than earned (also see: SNL’s Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford).

Also, I realized I like using Twitter and Instagram. I like connecting with people and I don’t limit myself to certain topics on those platforms so I’m extending that freedom back to my blog and making it a place to post about anything from crafts, things to do in Cincinnati, products I like and even fitness. The name udandi is from UD (alma mater) and Andi (my nickname) so this is me and I’m udandi. Food-related posts will probably end up on Lunch It Punch It.

If pressed to put my blog in a genre, I pick lifestyle since personal might make one think diary of inner-most thoughts. It’s not that deep.

Next month, I plan to write up some places around Cincinnati, a few DVD reviews and at least one craft project!

Hope that answers any questions and if you’re still with me, remember you can connect with me on:
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