Hawaii Bound!

Last year’s trip was so great, I am headed out to Hawaii to visit friends, again! I plan to drink Jamba Juice, do a little karaoke, eat macadamia nut pancakes*, buy acupuncture sandals** have some Halloween fun, admire sailors, try out the candy cotton machine oh and go to the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Not one to be conventional and go to the local PodCamp, I’m signed up for PodCampHawaii (last time I scanned the attendee list I was one of a handful not from Hawaii-whoop!).

I might use Twitter to update my happenings or not. Either way, I have some great guest bloggers lined up, so please welcome them when they stop by! Until then, enjoy some of my photos from last year.

*last year, we went over to the Big Island and stayed at the Bougainvilla B&B in which Frommer’s praises Martie Jean’s macadamia nut pancakes so I was stoked! As my luck goes, we never saw those pancakes and I’m not wild about eggs salmon benedict. oh well. Among other stories of the Big Island, we shared with story with our friends and they made us macadamia nut pancakes – delicious!

**I swore I never felt better than after wearing those, but then again I was on vacation and pretty relaxed!

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1 Comment

  1. deana
    October 24, 2008 at 12:32 pm

    Hey Andi!

    Have a GREAT TRIP!!! Your photos from last year are beautiful. I've been to Maui twice and will be going to the Big Island next year for the 1st time. You'll have to tell me more about Jamba Juice. I'm a total Smoothie-holic & something tells me I might like those?!

    (That margarita was looking pretty tasty as well! 🙂

    Have fun… can't wait to see the photos! 🙂


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