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Haunted Covington Tour

This was my third American Legacy Tours, yet, I haven’t blogged about any of them. The first two I took Queen City Underground and Newport is Haunted, I didn’t take any photos so they wouldn’t have been interesting posts. But it was the Queen City Underground tour ending at Joseph Williams Home that my parents and I had a sitcom moment in which we each wanted to show the other a sofa and as it turned out it was the same one! Laughter ensues and weeks later it is delivered to my house after months of an empty living room.

Okay, back to Haunted Covington, which is a 5-block tour of Covington starting and ending at the Baker-Hunt Art and Cultural Center during the fall. We were able to go on a beautiful September evening with a full moon it made for especially neat experience. I’m not going to reveal any of the stories shared on the tour because then it would spoil it for you!

The architecture of the homes in this area is something to really soak in, it’s like own over version of Savannah or Charleston. Houses that could be used in movies.

Safe to say, you’ll hear enchanting stories told by entertaining guides who will point out fun things about the neighborhood as you go along. One fact I enjoyed learning is the most of wrought iron in New Orleans is from this area.

Obligatory Cincinnati skyline from Covington photo shot.

The tour wraps up at Baker-Hunt, which is two mansions on 3.5 acres and now houses a museum, auditorium and a studio that hosts classes. We learned about the Margaretta Baker Hunt who established the cultural center, a little boy named Duncan and nearly everything else but this kitchen sink 😉

Afterward, our group headed over to Wunderbar and I enjoyed a giant pretzel and beer cheese. Much cheaper tour ending than buying a new sofa!

Thank you to 365Cincinnati and American Legacy Tours for inviting me to get an enchanting evening in Covington!

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