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Happy Halloween

I recycled last year’s flight attendant into Snakes on a Plane flight attendant. It was a little too obscure for some people although I am still blown away that someone who was dressed as a Storm Trooper was not recognized by a group of 30-something ladies.

The following are Halloween-related links I have been been saving for this very special day. Enjoy and don’t eat too much candy today!

Homemade headless Marie Antoinette costume (fantastic!)
Rubik’s cube costume
HOW TO – Make your own Where’s Waldo costume
HOW TO – Make an Oscar the grouch costume (my friend just sent his halloween party photos and he was dresses as Oscar, but with a different costume styling)

Princess Leia hat
Purple Braids Wig

Graveyard cake
Crawly Things

Big Mac pumpkin

DIY Halloween – amazing costumes, scary tech, pumpkins and gross food – officially awesome
(look for the Lego person costume – awesome)

not martha’s halloween link dump

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