Happy Birthday, J-baby!

Fry Guy

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J-baby will be 2. Two! Tomorrow! I cannot believe it has been two years of watching this baby turn into a boy who loves exploring, hanging out and fries. As in, when I say just have one at a time. He shakes his head and holds up two fingers.

He’s still pretty laid back, content to sit in the stroller as we cruise around the pet adoption tent or store. He will entertain himself with a stick, bat or cane pretending it is a horse and may even let us show him how to use the bat to play whiffle ball. Like my other lil buddies, he has taken to my laundry game (you know the fun one where we sort the laundry, then load it into the machines – SO FUN!) He’s a cool dude and he’s two! I guess I’ll start calling him, J-boy *sigh*

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