Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!


Today, my parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. When I asked each of them if they ever thought they would be married 40 years they both said not really, the number seems like a long time, but then it doesn’t.

This is a photo of them in spring of 1971 at another wedding. I like how my mom’s shoes and hair along with my dad’s slight lean gives the impression they’re closer in height. Plus, their clothing is a snapshot of that time – the white gloves, the basket of flowers, the white tux jacket and lambchops.

40 years. 3 children. 4 (and one of the way) grandchildren. Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad!

P.S. If I’ve told you what I’m giving my parents, please keep quiet, it is not done (and they know that much).

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  1. Sofa Cleaning
    July 19, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    Happy anniversary from me, too!

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