GoPro with Your Fitness Fun Footgolf |

When I played footgolf at Great Parks of Hamilton County, Verizon lent me a GoPro to wear to capture some footage. I thought this was a great idea because even after seeing the photos, I’m sure some people are wondering if we really played or if I just walked around with that contraption on my chest.

We did!

Much like golf, footgolf isn’t a fast, action packed game. There is a whole lot of setting down the ball, kicking it, running or walking after it, a few more kicks to get it into the hole. When I looked through the raw video there was a lot of slow action, so I used the GoPro video editing software to speed it up.

There are plenty of activities that would be fun to capture while wearing the GoPro. I told my brother we need to get a GoPro mounted on my nephew when he wake boards or skis because it would be fun to see what he sees while he’s out on the water! Or sledding in the winter.

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