Give a Sweet Squeeze

On Lunch It Punch It I’ve been full blast thinking about back to school, but it is has been of the lunch packing variety which doesn’t always include the college-age kids unless they’re commuters and then I suppose they would say packing a lunch is an inconvenience or not cool. On the other hand, if they’re footing the bill for tuition, books and food they might re-adjust that thinking after a week trips through the cafeteria.

On of my most popular posts here is my Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice Soup, mostly because it is a copycat of Panera’s. If there was a way to freeze and ship it through the mail, I would share that secret so parents could send it off to their kids during mid-terms and finals week. Short of that, consider Spoonful of Comfort’s adorable Lemonade packages. Chose from classic or strawberry lemonade, which comes packaged as crystals plus straws and 2 mugs. It will serve 8 so your college student can mix enough to have her own lemonade stand, I mean, share with new friends! Keep an eye on this site because they do flash, one-day sales.

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