Garden of Flavor juice cleanse

I saw Motherhood Supported and Cleveland’s a Plum mention this Garden of Flavor juice cleanse from Cleveland and I was intrigued so I reached out and got my own to try. Garden of Flavor offers 1-, 2-, or 3-day juices available at Whole Foods in Cincinnati and Rookwood.

I decided to do my cleanse while serving jury duty, I figured it was an easy way to have my lunch taken care of, but didn’t think what would happen if I was put on a jury. Luckily, I was only in court one day and the other days I hung put in the juror waiting room.


This was definitely a challenge for me because I like chewing food and this is six juices a day. But I feel like it is good to change things up and see what I’m made of! I think my fellow jurors enjoyed watching the colorful bottles appear and to see if I was really drinking them. I enjoyed reading the messages on the sides of the bottles, they really do taste like what they say…the cucumber reminded me if cut grass and in the middle of snow it was a nice reminder that Spring will come eventually!


I had been eating a lot of salads and fruit in the time leading up to my cleanse as opposed to treating my body like a garbage disposal in which case I think my body would have been going through shock, so I fared well through it. I was I right by afternoon I was thinking about chewing something and that might be because my other job involves food.

If you’re curious about juicing and want to give yourself the treat of raw juice, look for Garden of Flavor!

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