Free Stuff: $25 Bonus from ING Direct

As people use the self-serve referral links to open their own ING Direct Savings account, I will update them. Details of what you need to do to use a link and score some bonus bucks are listed below.

Orange Saving Account has 1.50% ARP:
Orange Saving Account self-serve referral

Orange Saving Account self-serve referral

Orange Saving Account self-serve referral

Referral details:

1) An opening deposit of $250 is required for you to receive your $25 bonus deposit. Initial deposit does not include bonus.
2) You are comfortable with me earning $10 referral bonus based on you receiving your $25 bonus (I scratch your back, you scratch mine, right?!)
3) Use the self-serve links or email me at udandi@gmail.com with your name and email address and I can send you a referral (privacy reasons, ING is not able to disclose the friends who have opened an account or the initial deposit amount)
4) Verify that there isn’t a note on page two of the referral link stating, “the link you’ve used to open a new Account has either expired or has already been used. This is no longer a valid referral link.” If so, come back and try another link!
ING Direct self-serve referral (click for an example of a USED referral)

The Orange Savings Account…

  • Great rate – no minimum balance required. Everyone earns the same high yield.
  • No fees – every penny you deposit goes to work for you.
  • No changing banks – the Orange Savings Account is linked to your checking account.
  • 24-hour access to your account – you’re always ready for opportunities.
  • FDIC-insured – your money is safe and secure.

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  1. ben
    September 25, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    I have $25 bonus referrals left for the orange savings account. Please email me at ben.k215@gmail.com to get your free cash now!

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