Focused Couponing with SavingsLifestyle

When I heard SavingsLifestyle was offering free coupon workshops in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas, I signed up to go because, to me, Andrea knows all there is to know about coupons. Plus, tonight’s workshop was within walking distance, so in keeping with the saving lifestyle, I did not spend any gas money getting there.

Since I eat at home and pack lunches, I buy a decent amount of groceries. While, I’ve been a casual couponer for years and reading the blogs for coupon matches, I lacked a real plan of action. Two hours later, I have a better idea of what I need to do to get organized, not just my coupons, but making a monthly/weekly dinner and lunch plan, making a list of groceries based on the meals and going from there.

I need to remember my motto with packed lunches that if I don’t do it the night before, I won’t happen applies to saving money grocery shopping, if I don’t plan ahead it won’t happen.

If you do not live in Cincinnati, you may still find her site useful for listing all the coupon matches along with using the Coupon Database to learn what coupons have been made available. Her example, if you have rice on your shopping list but don’t remember seeing a coupon match, search the database. This scenario assumes you’ve been filing away your Sunday coupons so when the database indicates there’s a coupon, you can locate it and use it.

My friend attended the workshop with me and I shared that I shop for produce at Country Fresh Market (there are several Cincinnati locations, but no website) because often it is better tasting and priced the grocery store offering.

Thanks Andrea for the informative workshop and for the shout out for Lunch It Punch It.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe that should appeal to adult lunches as well as school kids gearing up for back to school!

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