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Fitness Fun at Great Parks: Footgolf

Two things that Ohio does well: libraries and parks.

I love that Great Parks of Hamilton County (Ohio) saw my post about the parcours at Woodland Mound (Anderson Township) and asked if would be up for some fitness fun in the form of footgolf.

What’s footgolf?! It short, you’re kicking a soccer ball to giant holes on a golf course. Footgolf |

When you play with another blogger, you pause to take photos of her taking photos.

Like golf or even miniature golf, each person needs her own ball. I bought one from Play-It-Again Sports and luckily the park had three more balls. Footgolf |

Our photographer had a shaky hand

The last time I played soccer was third grade and the last time I golfed was…never unless we count mini golf and that was probably ten years ago. I GOT THIS! Footgolf |

I was asked to wear the GoPro on a chest strap so I could capture some action footage. Footgolf |

Here, Amy, poses for her upcoming holiday card. Or humors me in my requests to create soccer playing card poses. Footgolf |

Once we got oriented to the concept and the course, we were on our way! Kicking and chasing the ball, kicking and going over par, and then running to the next the hole. Amy wore a Fitbit and added 5000 steps in about 90 minutes of playing.

If you’re looking for a fun way to be active and hang out with friends, check out footgolf! If you’re curious about other activities that can add some fun fitness into you life, check out Great Parks.

Great Parks of Hamilton County
Parking: $3 daily or $10 yearly pass
Footgolf: $7

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Footgolf at Great Parks of Hamilton County

Disclosure: Great Parks of Hamilton County sponsored our evening of fitness fun playing footgolf, but all opinions expressed and fun had are mine.

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