First Snow!

We had our first snow of the season. Since it is a weekend and one in which I do not work (yay!) there is no need to get out on the roads and annoy myself with other drivers. Today is a good day to crank up the KitchenAid Mixer and bake while watching holiday movies.

I did not pick favorites, but rather ten movies I’ve watched this year and last, Amazon only lets you add ten movies to a carousel (and I like the carousel because it is a neat way to display media on a website). Auntie Mame will stand out to most as not being a holiday movie, but there’s one great scene about Christmas. I first saw it as a kid while helping my mom decorate our Christmas tree and since then I watch it once during December. A few years ago, my parents came over and after Christmas Eve mass we had snacks while watching it.

Do you have a favorite holiday movie? Or one that you have to watch during the holiday season?

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