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Find: Spare Change, part II

When my niece visits I like to make up these really fun games for her to play like fill the washing machine, sweep the floors and my fave fold the towels! I dread the day she meets a kid on the playground and realizes these aren’t games, but until then…

I’ll stick her in my car and tell her we are on a very important treasure hunt in which we need to find all the coins! She changed up the rules by offering to take all my “gray ones” in exchange for her pennies. Senorita Smarty-Pants is also stubborn so she refused to listen once I started explaining that each coin had a value, but at least I was able to get all my coins back to wrap and have enough for the car wash!

She reminded me of Tired but Happy’s son and his fistfull of pennies.

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  • Jane Dough September 21, 2006, 5:35 pm

    When my young nieces and nephews come over to visit they fight over who gets to “play” with the feather duster, swiffer, or the favorite – turn on the Roomba!

    My siblings are always amazed that their children start cleaning my house as soon as they arrive…

    As for the coin jar – some of my older nieces and nephews are collecting the various state quarters – so my jar tends to get pilphered by them, but last time this happened I asked them to roll some pennies for me in payment for the quarters they were taking – they happily did it and even turned out their pockets and their parents pockets to find enough pennies to complete the final roll 🙂

  • Tiredbuthappy September 23, 2006, 10:49 pm

    This is a cute story. For a long time, my son ONLY wanted pennies. He would protest if I couldn’t find him a penny and tried to fob him off with a nickel or dime instead. Alas, now he’s starting to get it.