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Fashioning Technology

This post is dedicated to my brother and all the girls and guys who like to tinker and put things together. Ones who when you flip through a book like Fashioning Technology: A DIY Intro to Smart Crafting you think I can handle the sewing, but someone else is going to need to bring over the soldering iron to work on those circuits.

The ones who you emailed when you saw that house with the Christmas lightshow and they start talking about how it was all put together and you marvel at the $10k price tag and what the electric bill must be.

The ones who you followed up with saying did you see these Singing Halloween Pumpkins?! Yeah, the ones you think of saying if others are making speakers from Hallmark cards, I bet you can do something with that barking dog musical gift card I got from Target, want it?

The ones you ask if they are reading Instructables and Make?

Have you seen this Slip N Slip?!

Yes, this post is dedicated to them and the children who are following in their footsteps! 😉

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  • Deana November 26, 2008, 10:06 pm

    Hey Andi…

    Those “candles” were just my own cut-outs. The pp is from the Value Pack Paper Pad from Me & My Big Ideas.

    Shopping online is just as easy to over-buy for me, but I try to get good deals when I’m doing it anyway… 🙂

    And a little birthday shopping for yourself can’t hurt… I say CELEBRATE!


    Deana’s last blog post.."To do" lists…

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