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ebook: 52 Weeks to Inspired Cooking

52 weeks to inspired cooking

Rachael from Kitchen Courses sent me a sneak preview of her ebook 52 Weeks of Inspired Cooking. I’m delighted to see she released the book on March 27 (that’s my Gramma’s 90th birthday so it’s a good day all around!).

Just as you might guess from the title it is 52 tips on how to inspire your cooking, to get in the kitchen and start making instead of just thinking about it. Some ideas might seem obvious, but ones we overlook like sitting down with our favorite cookbooks and combing them for recipes or another of trying a recreate a restaurant favorite. Many of the ideas are inspirational and applicable to those wanting to make changes to how they approach weekly lunches. If you’re hoping to make better lunches from scratch, it will include cooking and this can help you look at in a new way.

I don’t want to give all the goodness away, but if you haven’t checked out her site, please do! To buy her ebook click on the link above and use the code LunchIt50 to receive 50% off.

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