Eating Out vs the Packed Lunch

There are a lot of excuses to skip the packed lunch, not enough time, nothing to pack, or even worse there are the days where you take the time to get your lunch packed…you even remember not to leave it on the kitchen counter at home and then a coworker comes by and says, “just eat your packed lunch tomorrow and let’s go pick something up.”

In eating out, you’ve picked up more than a high calorie, high fat meal.

You’ve picked up a lunch that is wrapped in wasteful paper. The top photo illustrates a fast food combo meal, which has a foil wrapper for the sandwich, a carton for the fries, paper wrapper for the straw in the paper cup, a napkin or two, ketchup packs and a bag to throw everything away. The bottom photo of a packed lunch utilizes reusable containers and bags, which were packed in a lunch tote.

If you’re not a regular lunch packer, choosing to eat out over packing a lunch is probably the easier, more convenient option. Packing a lunch takes time to plan the meal, shop and make it, but the payoff is wonderful, you open your lunch tote to a lunch of foods you enjoy! Plus, by packing a lunch you can choose to pack them in reusable containers. Just because you pack doesn’t mean you have to opt for brown bags and plastic sandwich bags. From plastic containers a few more times before tossing them in the recycling bin to choosing glass containers with strong seal lids to reusable sandwich bags to cloth napkins you can finish your lunch with no throw-away.

If you’re ready to make a packed lunch, check out our <A href=”http://lunchitpunchit.com/category/recipes/”>recipe category</a> for tried and true items we pack in our lunches.

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