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Eat It: Cincinnati Foods

Continuing with my crash course in Cincinnati, here are some foods unique to the city.

Cincinnati-styled chili
I love, love, love Skyline Chili so much so that I have a low tolerance for “non natives” talking negatively about it. Seriously, if you have nothing nice to say about Skyline, please don’t say it to me!

One of my favorite Skyline stories is a conversation I had with a my cousin’s 4-year-old son. As we walked out of Cincinnati Museum Center, which faces the city skyline, I said look at the skyline and he said, I see the buildings, but I don’t see Skyline! ah kids!

Graeter’s Ice Cream
My favorite flavor is Toffee Chip, but Black Raspberry Chip is the signature flavor for this Cincinnati-based ice cream shop, which hand packs each pint. Visit the web site and learn and see photos of the French pot process of making this ice cream that is has the biggest chips!

Both my mom and grandma make these little loaves of pork and oats. Goettafest is the opportunity to get goetta in all sorts of products (see the menu in the photo) and where I spied the largest frying pan ever!

Montgomery Inn Barbeque Sauce
The other day, I posted about this tasty sauce and I’m looking forward to enjoying some pulled pork bbq sandwiches with my family this weekend. I highly recommend dining at Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse, which is just east of Sawyer Point (yesterday’s post) and offers a great view of the Ohio River and Cincinnati’s skyline and landscape.

United Dairy Farmers
There’s nothing like getting a tank of gas and an ice cream cone! UDF is my go-to place when I want a scoop of ice cream and can’t spring for Graeters because UDF is everywhere in Cincinnati!

LaRosa’s Pizzeria
Although known for its pizza, I’m a bigger fan of being able to purchase their sauce at local stores for use in pasta dishes.

Frisch’s Big Boy
Even though stores carry Frisch’s tartar sauce in the stores, it doesn’t compare to going to Frisch’s and ordering a Big Boy Hamburger.

If you find yourself in Cincinnati over Memorial Day, Taste of Cincinnati, which is the nation’s longest running culinary arts festival having started in 1979.

A quick history of Cincinnati’s breweries and a timeline.

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