Eat Cleaner Produce Cleaning Kit

The other day I was visiting a branch library during a staff meeting that included a potluck lunch and I watched as an employee sliced cantaloupe wondering who was going to eat it (I was surprised some had not heard of the listeria outbreak). I no longer worry as much about whether person handling the food has washed her hands as I wonder if the outside of the fruit has been scrubbed with a brush.

I’m the type to say a little dirt can’t hurt, but in using reusable produce and grocery sacks, I’m mindful of washing those frequently. I do take extra care to wash and rinse my produce, whereas before, I’d eat an apple from wherever after only wiping it down with my napkin. I mean we use different cutting boards for produce than meat, so why not take a little extra care with cleaning the produce?!

I haven’t gone so far as to try produce cleaning products, but now through November 9 Eversave is offering $37 worth of Eat Cleaner products for $17. New Eversave members can use their $3 credit making it $14.

  • Includes one produce wash, one produce wash concentrate, 10 individual wipes with reusable pouch, three 40-count wipe canisters, and one re-useable produce bag
  • Removes contaminants from produce, poultry and even seafood
  • Stave off food-borne illnesses and increase the shelf-life of your produce by up to 200%
  • Proven to eliminate over 99.9% of salmonella and E. coli from your food’s surface

If you’ve tried Eat Cleaner or other products, what did you think? How do you clean your produce?

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