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Recently via Facebook, I caught up with a college friend, Colin, who I enjoyed being around for his awesome sense of humor. Once, he told me when his younger sister was born, he suggested they call her Candy. Their last name is Barr. That story still makes me giggle!

I knew from our alumni newsletter that Colin won the Degree Everyman 2004 contest, which allowed him to take a leave from his desk job to train for the Ironman competition in Hawaii. Naturally, his entry video was humorous. [Colin’s WGN interview]

Another college friend and I were close to the Ironman action in 2007, as in we watched Monday Night Football at 3pm in Kona the day after the Ironman. Okay, not that impressive and certainly did not lead us to co-authoring the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Triathalon Training. I did show Colin a photo of my library display, ???????, and he said thanks for displaying my book! I gave him the address to send my comission check, but it appears it’s lost in the mail…. Anyway, because Colin has been a happy reminder to do what you enjoy, I asked him to chat it up for my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you use Degree deodorant?

I did before winning, and still do! When they showed up at my apartment looking like Publisher’s Clearinghouse they were excited to see that in the medicine cabinet.

If you had to choose one: complete idiot or village idiot?

Complete Idiot by far! The Complete Idiot’s line of books are so informative and helpful to so many people across the country. Although the books target the beginners and those with some experience in a subject, even experts can glean information out of the texts.

Did you shop around a book deal or did it land in your lap?

We approached Alpha Books with a 50 page, 6 part proposal that included a Table of Contents, sample chapter, etc.

How many copies of your book have sold?

From the reports that we have seen…it looks like around 7,000 copies of the book have sold. We assume the number is a little low because Oprah has yet to embrace our literary genius.

Have you made any money off your book (I hear people say there’s no money in publishing)?

It is not about the money (thank goodness!)…we’re just happy that we can help all the triathletes out there.

When can your loyal fans expect an update on the triguys web site?


You had a goal of becoming a paramedic?

Yes, I’m a paramedic and really enjoy having a job where my #1 priority is to help people in an immediate way.

In 2007, you had a goal of 30 races for turning 30, which you met-congrats-any race goals for 2008?

I decided to take the season off in 2008, but was talked into taking part in the Men’s Health Urbanathlon in October 18 in Chicago.

Good Luck this weekend, Colin!

P.S. Hello to the UD alum who met my mom and was given my web site address ๐Ÿ™‚

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    October 20, 2008 at 9:13 am

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